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Where There's Life, there's Hope: One Girl's Story

Saturday, April 01, 2017,

  • Location: Presentation Room

The event will open with a performance from a performing arts group, either a dance or a song from a choir or acapella group, that showcases all the turns that life can take. Then, a series of stories will follow, with experts coming onto a stage with a single microphone. The stories will follow the life of a fictional character, whose life is the compilation of different experts’ stories from over the years. First, a worker at a crisis pregnancy resource center will appear on the stage. They will tell the story of a mother who came into the clinic, desperate, seeking help to have her unborn child, who has Downs. The next story will be from a worker at a family homeless shelter, who will tell the story of one family’s struggle to find dignity and survive as a homeless family in Nashville. Then, a Downs Syndrome activist, who has met the character, shares the story of encouraging the character to be a model. Another story will follow from a child who sees the character’s pictures, and is inspired. There will be a few stories told about the character from the mother’s point of view as well as from a disabilities lawyer. Finally, there will be one more story from a hospice volunteer, who describes the final moments of the character’s life. The event will be focused on building a culture of care around people who have disabilities. We hope to partner with a performing arts organization, Vandy Spoken Word, a crisis pregnancy center, Gigi’s Playhouse and the Down Syndrome Alliance of Nashville, Tennessee, Safe Haven (a homeless shelter), faculty of the Susan Gray school, and other members of the Nashville and Vanderbilt Community who are interested.