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Participation Deadline: All-University Undergraduate Research Fair

Friday, August 22, 2014,

  • Location: Student Life Center • 310 25th Ave S • Nashville, TN 37212
  • Room: Ballroom

TO PARTICIPATE: Complete the online registration form located on the Vanderbilt Research Fair website no later than Friday, August 22.

First Annual All-Vanderbilt


The Office of Honor Scholarships & the Vanderbilt Undergraduate Summer Research Program invite all students who have been involved in research, independent scholarship or creative activity over the past year to showcase the work they have done at our first university-wide research fair and poster session.  

Participation is especially encouraged from students in the humanities, social sciences, education, and the arts, as well as from students who have engaged in summer research programs off campus or projects not affiliated with one of Vanderbilt’s established research programs.

WHAT CAN YOU PRESENT?  Projects that have been completed over the course of the academic year or summer. Projects being completed as part of an honors thesis or independent study, including “works in progress” are also welcome. Feel free to use preliminary or projected results, focusing your poster on your primary thesis and what you expect – or hope – to discover and the significance of it. You should also be prepared to discuss what will happen if the results don’t support you initial thesis and how that will transform the project as you continue.

HAVE YOU ALREADY PRESENTED YOUR WORK IN ANOTHER FORUM?  If you have already presented your work in another forum, this session gives you another opportunity to not only share your work, but to do it in such a way as to make it compelling and interesting to those who may have little understanding of the topic. This is an invaluable skill to take to future employers, graduate schools, and scholarship committees.

PRIZES AND RECOGNITION  Monetary prizes will be awarded to students whose posters represent the best in content, visual organization, and ability to make the subject material accessible to a diverse audience.

POSTER PREPARATION  We anticipate that many students will have already prepared a poster as part of their projects. For those who haven’t, detailed information and templates on designing a poster are provided on the Vanderbilt Research Fair website.

INFORMATION SESSIONS  In addition to the poster session, the following information sessions will be offered:

  • Research-based scholarships
  • Finding research opportunities at Vanderbilt
  • The student-mentor relationship
  • Student Panel: Impact of research on goals/interests
  • Conveying research experiences to graduate schools and employers

QUESTIONS? Contact Lyn Fulton-John in the Office of Honor Scholarship to learn more about the value of participating and how to get started.