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Neuroscience Brown Bag Series

Thursday, February 21, 2019,

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  • Location: Wilson Hall • 111 21St Ave S • Nashville, TN 37240
  • Room: 316

Kari Hoffman, PhD

Department of Psychology

Vanderbilt University 

"Paths through real and memory space in primates"

By the time they give out Nobel prizes in a field, you’d think that field would have a pretty good idea about the nature of the phenomena they study. In the case of hippocampal signals, I’ll argue we have some substantial gaps in understanding that may involve semantic overgeneralization and gist knowledge. I don’t mean within the hippocampal code itself, but rather, on the part of the researchers. I’ll describe to you how our 'dead-reckoned' route failed, but that our response shows evidence for the use of a cognitive map. The neural activity my lab has recorded from the hippocampus and more recently the ACC/mPFC and retrosplenial cortex elicited large prediction error signals among our lab members. I will describe what we expected, what we saw, and how we are using cognitive map strategies to home in on our goals.