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Clinical Science Brown Bag Series

Tuesday, December 04, 2018,

Event Image
  • Location: Wilson Hall • 111 21St Ave S • Nashville, TN 37240
  • Room: 316

Kathryn Humphreys, PhD

Department of Psychology & Human Development

Vanderbilt University

"Identifying Targets for Prevention and Intervention to Reduce Maltreatment Risk in Young Children"

Early experiences play an outsized role in later life outcomes, with experiences of adversity and maltreatment being potent predictors of long-term mental and physical health difficulties. There has been considerable research documenting the link between adverse early experiences and these negative outcomes. Further, interventions that target improving the caregiving environments of infants and young children are known to be effective in helping to mitigate the adverse effects of early life stress. In addition, there is growing evidence that the prevention of child maltreatment, through the promotion of sensitive and nurturing caregiving, may be important targets for long-term positive outcomes of children. In this talk, I plan to discuss a recent line of research I am pursing to identify targets for prevention efforts in parents of infants (and perhaps occurring prior to parenthood), to gain feedback on this work, and discuss the implications of preliminary results.