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Vanderbilt Vision Training Seminar

Friday, October 12, 2018,

Event Image
  • Location: Biological Sciences Building/MRB IV • 465 21St Ave S • Nashville, TN 37232
  • Room: 11455

David Sutterer, PhD

Department of Psychology (Woodman Lab)

Vanderbilt University

"Tracking online spatial memory representations with oscillatory brain activity"

Our ability to maintain and later retrieve detailed visual memories is an everyday experience, and completing almost any task requires us to shuttle this information between working and long-term memory. However, the mechanisms by which the brain supports detailed, online memory representations and the temporal dynamics of these representations remain poorly understood. Another open question is the degree to which these representations evolve from short to long delays. Here I will review an approach in which we use an inverted encoding model (IEM) and multivariate patterns of electroencephalography activity to track the maintenance of online spatial representations both in working memory and during retrieval from long-term memory. Specifically, I will discuss recent work in which we use this approach to explore which frequencies of EEG oscillations support online spatial working memories and then use these spatially sensitive frequencies to test the long-standing question of whether or not multiple items can be concurrently maintained in working memory. I will also show that we can use this same approach to track the moment-by-moment retrieval of remembered locations from long-term memory. Taken together, this pattern of results suggests that the multivariate analysis of oscillatory activity provides a powerful platform for tracking the encoding, maintenance, and retrieval of online spatial representations.