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Resistance + Faith + Art: Race and Sexuality Summit

Saturday, October 27, 2018,

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  • Location: Park-Johnson Hall • Fisk University • Nashville, TN 37206

October 27, 2018


Park-Johnson Hall, Fisk University 

A daylong teach-in that centers experiences of black and brown people on issues of human sexuality, faith, and emerging models of activism and organizing.

This daylong convening will:

  • Equip participants with new language to engage in healthy conversations about sexuality, gender, race, and faith.

  • Support participants in developing practices to address racial and sexual injustices in their private lives and the public sphere.

  • Grow community leaders who are able to articulate the inextricably linked connections between faith, sexuality, and race.


Art as Resistance

With artist-in-residence and Fisk alum, Arjae Thompson, participants will explore creative ways to examine racialized and sexualized injustices, envision ways to resist, and faithfully re-imagine a world of limitless possibility.

Black Faith as Resource

Participants will explore how the faith practices, spiritual life and religious traditions of Black people are resources for addressing gender-based violence, as well, sexual and racial oppression and injustice. Participants will be given tools and language to name their racialized and sexualized realities and respond in ways that bring about liberation, transformation, and justice.

Organizing for Change

With the ever-changing political climate, how we respond, organize and resist racial and sexual oppression must also change. This tracks will attend to the ways gender, sexuality, faith, race, and class inform our current successes and struggles for social change. Participants will learn from local activist and organizers about the work being done to reclaim bodily autonomy, resist personal and systematic violence, and re-imagine liberation and freedom.

Register at: https://divinity.vanderbilt.edu/resistancefaithart.php