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Clinical Science Brown Bag Series

Tuesday, September 18, 2018,

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  • Location: Wilson Hall • 111 21St Ave S • Nashville, TN 37240
  • Room: 316

Steven Hollon, PhD

Department of Psychology

Vanderbilt University

"Developing and disseminating effective psychological therapies for common mental health problems: Science, Economics & Politics"

In a recent invited address at the European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapy (EABCT) in Sofia Bulgaria, David Clark at Oxford described a three-step process for developing, testing, and disseminating innovative treatments for psychological disorders. He and his colleagues have used this process to develop the most efficacious treatments for a number of different anxiety disorders including social anxiety.  This work has culminated in a total overhaul of the mental health care delivery system in the United Kingdom that delivers the most efficacious interventions to the largest number of people anywhere in the world. He ends with new work using immersive virtual reality to increase the ease with which patients with paranoid schizophrenia can enter public settings that they usually avoid.