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Career Center Vision Sessions with IICC

Tuesday, September 11, 2018,

  • Location: Sarratt 335

Career Vision Sessions are a collaborative effort with IICC and the Vanderbilt Career Center that focuses on helping multicultural students design their path from college to a career. The interactive sessions will feature activities designed to help students learn about themselves and their identity so that they can connect who they are to their career and future success.


  • September 11th - Session 1: Discover Your Strengths.  Students will complete a Wandering Map and other fun and creative exercises designed to illustrate and  take advantage of their unique skills, talents, and experiences which might be applied to the workplace, graduate study, or honors/scholarships/fellowships.

  • October 9th - Session 2: Develop Your Vision.  Students will participate in creative activities such as Vision Boards, Possible Lives Map, a Career Diamond, or other activities to help identify a broad range of career options—going way beyond the traditional fields of law, finance, medicine, etc.

  • November 13th - Session 3: Design Your Path: Students will learn whether their career plans place them in a Probable, Possible, or Intention-Seeking path—and how to design a search plan that fits their style, and will allow them to consider a variety of ideas, without being locked into one career option only.