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CiM Neurology Interest Group: Sleep Medicine Lecture

Monday, June 18, 2018,

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  • Location: Light Hall 415

Through our partnership with the American Academy for Sleep Medicine, the Neurology Interest Group joyously invites you to join us for a lunch lecture at noon on June 18. Our featured speaker, Dr. Rishi Sehgal, is currently pursuing a fellowship in sleep medicine having already completed internal medicine and pulmonology training. Dr. Sehgal will speak for about 30 minutes on sleep apnea, its effects on cognition/memory, and its treatment spectrum from sleep hygiene to hypoglossal nerve stimulation. During the second half of the talk, Dr. Sehgal will discuss his training experience and impart advice to medical students considering their own career paths; this component of the talk will be more flexible and student-driven.

We hope this event will strike a chord with first-years during their neurology block, second-years soon to commence Step 1 prep, and post-clerkship students curious about avenues of continued training and learning in sleep medicine. This multi-disciplinary field is open to trainees as a 1-year fellowship following residency in neurology, anesthesiology, psychiatry, family medicine, IM, peds, and ENT. With the 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine & Physiology awarded for circadian rhythm research, some believe that we are poised for an age of unprecedented discovery and therapeutic revolution in sleep medicine. Interested?

Please RSVP and join us for pizza to learn more, at noon on June 18 in LH 415! See you there!