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International Fashion Show

Tuesday, March 20, 2018,

  • Location: Student Life Center Ballroom B

International Fashion Show reveals cultural diversity to campus and tells meaningful stories of students from different backgrounds through the showcase of their traditional costumes. Those students voluntarily participate as models or volunteer and are enthusiastic about sharing their stories and their transnational experience. We address the needs and feelings of the entire diverse student body, especially the minority groups on campus. Models across different countries and regions take the show as a window to introduce their cultures and countries as well as embrace their unique identities.

Our fashion show targets at international students more directly, but students from all nationalities and cultures are welcomed to this platform. Our main goal is to tell individual's story to the entire campus through the medium of the fashion show. We will cast a video of around 1 min for each model representing their culture and will display the video during the event. After the video, models will present their clothes on the run-way confidently to the audience. In addition, interaction between audience and models will be arranged after the show, giving them more opportunities to understand and appreciate distinctive cultures revealed through their costumes.