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Speaker: Kate Fagan

Monday, March 19, 2018,

  • Location: SLC Board of Trust Room

Kate Fagan has gained notoriety as a sports writer for espnW, ESPN.com, and ESPN The Magazine. As a former college athlete, she brings first-hand understanding to her field. Touched by the suicide of 19-year-old University of Pennsylvania track star Maddy Holleran in 2014, Fagan wrote What Made Maddy Run. The novel outlines Maddy’s struggle with mental health issues, perfectionism, and social media’s ability to skew reality. Fagan’s own story mirrors Maddy’s. She, too, struggled with depression, anxiety, and discontentment as an athlete during her time at the University of Colorado. In her book, Fagan uses both stories as a platform for commentary on the pressure that affects today’s students. Her novel highlights the importance of reaching out in times of need and accepting failure and struggle as important components of success.