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Making Knowledge in Early-Modern Europe Seminar

Tuesday, January 30, 2018,

Event Image
  • Location: Robert Penn Warren Center • 2301 Vanderbilt Place • Nashville, TN 37235
  • Room: Conference Room

This seminar focuses on 16th and 17th century epistemological changes that enabled the human body to become more than just an object for analysis but an agent through which experiences are registered and knowledge is created. This group will read and discuss recent scholarly work on scientific treatises and legal cases from early modern England, France, and Italy. Specifically, participants will attend to forensic questions involving bodies that preoccupied early modern courts concerning rape, murder, and allegations of impotence. Ultimately, the politics and ethics of knowledge creation will be at the core of this seminar. Participants will have the opportunity to share works-in-progress and to reflect on the stakes that our research raises for scholarly communities and beyond. 

Seminar coordinators: Kirsten Mendoza (English) kirsten.n.mendoza@vanderbilt.edu and Anna Young (history) anna.c.young@vanderbilt.edu.

Lunch will be provided.