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Sunday, March 18, 2018,
  • Location: Blair School of Music, Ingram Hall • 2400 Blakemore Avenue • Nashville, TN 37212

Sunday, March 18

8 p.m.

Ingram Hall


chatterbird and special guest Jason Treuting of SO Percussion present an evening-length work titled Amid the Noise. Composed by Treuting, the work was originally performed and recorded by SO Percussion. chatterbird has reimagined the piece, along with the Vanderbilt University Percussion Studio. Jason Treuting will make a special guest appearance at the concert.

In an excerpt from program notes for Amid the Noise, Adam Sliwinski writes:

"Amid the Noise is a patient study of musical spaces, using a few meaningful quotes for material and structure...

So Percussion is headquartered in Brooklyn. In New York City, one rarely gets an uninterrupted moment of peace - usually a few minutes at best. It is essential to grab that moment so that the city doesn't overwhelm you.

Jason is interested in quiet, restful, meditative modes: a pause in front of a giant painting by Mark Rothko, a Shinto temple in Kyoto, an extended performance of John Cage's 4:33.

The pieces in Amid the Noise are each made up of a few layers of the following: melody, harmony, drone, noise, and rhythm. In each of them, some elements are prescribed, but many are left open for the performer to explore." (2011)

Treuting enjoys composing pieces that ask the performers to translate numbers and letters into patterns of sound. Often, no composition will ever be performed the same way twice - the performers' choices influence the building blocks of the piece - creating works that are sometimes intricate and grooving, or sometimes spacious and meditative.

chatterbird's ensemble for the concert will feature soprano, flute, electric guitar, violin, cello, harp, and percussion - alongside radios, amplified metronomes, toys, noisemakers, and more.

The Vanderbilt University Percussion Studio will join chatterbird as featured guest performers.


Concert Run Time: 1.5 hours

Admission is free for VU students, faculty, and staff with ID.

General admission tickets can be purchased online at chatterbird.org. Tickets may also be purchased at the door, cash or credit accepted.

This concert is generously sponsored in part by the Tennessee Arts Commission.


Parking for this event is available for free in West Garage (2500 Children's Way) through the Children's Way entrance