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Moral Conflict on Law and Neuroscience with Dr. Peter A. Alces

Tuesday, March 20, 2018,

  • Location: Furman 114

This event will feature notable William and Mary Law Professor Dr. Peter Alces and his presentation on moral conflict as it relates to
law and neuroscience. As an emerging leader in this new field, Dr. Alces has published several books and will be coming to
Vanderbilt to discuss the intersection, but also the disconnect between law and neuroscience.

He will also be discussing his new book, to be out early January.
"The Moral Conflict of Law and Neuroscience": "Over the past half century, the story of the law has been one of increased acuity
concerning the human condition, especially the workings of the brain. The law already considers select cognitive realities in
evaluating questions of agency and responsibility, such as age, sanity, and emotional distress. As new neuroscientific research
comprehensively calls into question the very idea of free will, how should the law respond to this revised understanding?"

In this provoking and insightful presentation, Dr. Alces will be revealing the internal contradictions of current legal frameworks and
challenge us with what would be involved in constructing novel legal regimes based on emerging neuroscientific insights.