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The Foundation of Vanderbilt: What Were We Built On?

Wednesday, November 29, 2017,

  • Location: Furman 114

On Wednesday, November 29th, Vanderbilt NAACP's Political Activism Committee is hosting “The Foundation of Vanderbilt: What Were We Built On?”, an event centered upon Vanderbilt’s historical ties to the confederacy and white supremacy. The event will feature a speaker presentation by two members from the Vanderbilt Political Review, coupled with open audience discussion.  


In the wake of the Charlottesville protests and the current political climate concerning the existence of confederate statues and monuments in the United States, Vanderbilt’s NAACP Political Activism Committee is planning an informative and discussion-based event centered on the presence and the historical context of the Confederacy as it relates to Vanderbilt. We would like to place a specific focus on the Confederate ties rooted in the historical backgrounds of the names of several buildings on Vanderbilt’s campus. We hope that this event will generate discussion about the past, present and future state of our university as Vanderbilt strives to move towards increased equity, inclusion, and progression.