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International Relations: Creating Healthy Relationships Across Cultures

Tuesday, November 14, 2017,

  • Location: Buttrick 102

Relationships that are formed in college can be life changing, introduce us to new perspectives, and can open our eyes to different cultures.  But what happens when relational expectations do not align?  In the first half of the presentation Project Safe will discuss cross cultural differences in dating/intimate/romantic relationships.  Given that diverse student population and the number of students who choose to study abroad, the second half of the presentation with focus on the importance of boundaries, communication, and expectations in relationships. People have many different kinds of relationships: friends, host families, co-workers, intimate partners, and more. This presentation discusses the importance of healthy boundaries across different types of relationships, particularly when immersed in other cultures. Participants will learn to think about what their own boundaries are, how to understand someone else's boundaries, and how to navigate relationships when their own boundaries are not being respected.