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FLiCX: Friday the 13th

Friday, October 13, 2017,

  • Location: Belcourt Theatre

Dir. Sean S. Cunningham USA 1980 95 min. DCP

Introduction and demonstration on the psychology of fear by David Zald, Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Psychology and professor of psychiatry, and director of Vanderbilt's Affective Neuroscience Laboratory. Before the film, an audience member will be hooked up to psychophysiological recording equipment, which will monitor their body’s reaction to fear (during a short, specially selected clip), followed by a live analysis of the results by Zald.

Students who commit to checking in with the FLiCX administrator by no later than 11:45pm, and to being seated prior to the introduction, may RSVP on this page for tickets purchased by the dean of students office. 

Since seating is limited, we must remind participants of the following:

  • that if you RSVP in the affirmative, and your plans change, you are expected to log back in and change your status to “not attending;”
  • that Vanderbilt participants must RSVP for themselves, and may not be “guests;” and
  • that non-Vanderbilt guests are limited to one per participant.

Note, too, that this is a late-night screening that is expected to end after 2am. Please consider how you will travel safely to and from the theatre. 

It's a shame what happened at Camp Crystal Lake all those years ago—that poor little boy drowning. And then those unsolved murders.  . . .  But enough time has passed, it seems, to open the place back up for a whole new generation for whom the Voorhees family unpleasantness is just an old rumor wrapped in a mystery. But you see, there's a reason they call the place Camp Blood. And Crystal Lake will run red when Friday the 13th rolls around.