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Coming Home, All Fired Up

Tuesday, September 26, 2017,

Event Image
  • Location: Sarratt Student Center Gallery
  • Room: Main Floor

The Sarratt Gallery is pleased to have artist and Vanderbilt Alum, Suzanne Sidebottom, exhibit her trompe l'oeil work in the gallery.  Mrs. Sidebottom studied art at the Peabody College and was a student/friend of Professor Sylvia Hyman who was internationally recognized for her work in clay and for her teaching/mentoring of other artists.

Mrs. Sidebottom is exhibiting 14 works in the gallery, several of them are new works created for this exhibition. Trompe l'ceil, French for "trick of the eye", is work that is created out of clay but looks objects from everyday life.  Mrs. Sidebottom uses various types of clay, pigments, stenciling, and other techniques to create pieces that look like real life objects such as a medical case, a cigar box, artist's tools, baseball cards, letters and memos.

More work by artist Suzanne Sidebottom can be seen on her web site at itsclay.com.

The exhibit is open to the public daily from 8:30 am - 8:00 pm and the Sarratt Gallery is on the main floor of Sarratt Student Center.