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Race Relations Panel

Monday, October 23, 2017,

  • Location: Kissam MPR C210

The Asian American Student Association presents a Race Relations Panel with panelists from various diversity student organizations. The goal of the panel is to hold an open environment where people, panelists in particular, are free to speak about relationships between Asian Americans with other minorities. Throughout history, there has been a constant perception of otherness with Asian Americans, both from the perspectives of white Americans and minority Americans. This has been shown by events such as the Chinese Exclusion Act(s), the Japanese Internment Camps, and most recently, the 1992 Los Angeles Riots. During the 1992 LA Riots, tensions were high between Asian Americans, Korean Americans in particular, and other minority groups. The idea of the model minority keeps Asians up, but the bamboo ceiling keeps them down. The lack of intersectionality proves to be an issue today as Asian Americans and other minority groups lack camaraderie on issues that all minorities should care about. The panelists will be providing their perspectives on these issues through questions by a moderator.