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Employee Appreciation - Art in the Afternoon

Tuesday, July 18, 2017,
  • Location: Cohen Memorial Hall

Vanderbilt University’s Employee Appreciation invites you to come to the Fine Arts Gallery in Cohen Memorial Hall to enjoy the afternoon and observe work by Morris Davidson and John Taylor Arms. The American Modernism at Mid-Century: The Work of Morris Davidson exhibition reconstructs his development as an artist in transitioning from social realism to abstraction and how some of the foremost painters of his day helped him become who he was an artist. American Artists and the Legacy of the Grand Tour, 1880-1960 exhibition explores a time when American artists endeavored to follow in the footsteps of a tradition that consisted of traveling around the world in seeking overall experience and education in the arts. The works included in the exhibition represent a range of media, from printmaking to painting, and the work documents the architecture, scenery, and people of Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece, England, and France as the artists saw them.

Vanderbilt University encourages you to come out and enjoy some art in the afternoon.

Questions? Visit the Employee Appreciation website or Contact employeeappreciation@vanderbilt.edu