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VMS Wilderness Medicine Camps and Climbs Foster Falls!

Friday, March 24, 2017,

  • Location: Foster Falls near Chattanooga, TN

VMS Wilderness Medicine goes camping and rock climbing at Foster Falls! 

On Friday March 24th, VSMWM will take 12 students into the wilderness (read: 5 minutes off the highway) to camp for one night. Then on Saturday March 25th, VSMWM will take whomever survived the night to one TN's most famous bedrock climbing spots - FOSTER FALLS!! We will climb all morning, eat lunch, climb all afternoon, and head back to Nashville Saturday night (Chick-fil-A anyone?).

Sign up is limited to 12 people only! Some rock climbing experience is recommended but you in no way need to be a professional - beginners welcome! Required gear for climbing includes rental shoes (available for rental from Vanderbilt Rec Center), harness, helmets, and appropriate clothing for variable weather. We hope to be able to use personal gear to outfit climbers with harnesses and helmets, but participants will need to rent their own shoes. Ropes, quickdraws, carabiners, belay devices, etc. will be supplied by trip leaders. Participants will also be responsible for bringing appropriate camping gear (ex. sleeping pads and sleeping bags. Tent not required).