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48-Hour Launch

Saturday, April 01, 2017,

  • Location: The Wond'ry

Welcome to our BIGGEST event of the year, 48-Hour Launch!

Have a great business idea? Do you want to make it a reality!? This is FOR YOU! 

48-Hour Launch (April 1st and 2nd) is a great opportunity for you to turn your business idea into action, and learn more as you go along the business planning process through mini lectures and individual mentoring by Nashville entrepreneurs. The head of the Pre-Flight program, John Murdock, will condense his seven-week course into only 48 hours, giving a select number of students a snapshot experience into launching a startup. This weekend-long program will also give you valuable experience to talk about in your interviews and a killer project to add to your resume. The top teams will receive cash prizes, totalling $1,000!! However, with a cap on the amount of students we will be able to admit, only fully committed students will be admitted.

VINES will be hosting an info session to give you details about the event this Wednesday, March 1st at 6pm in Featheringill Hall 110. 
48-Hour Launch Applications are up on Anchorlink!! (https://anchorlink.vanderbilt.edu/form/start/122090).

The schedule:

Saturday April 1st:
9:00 am Introductions, overview of weekend and breakfast
9:30 am First Lecture: Business Model Basics, Value Proposition, and Competitive Advantage
10:30 am Workshop Session with mentors
12:00 pm Lunch
12:30 pm Second Lecture: Customer Validation
1:30 pm Workshop Session with mentors
3:30 pm Third Lecture: Building idea out further
4:30 pm Workshop Session with mentors and dinner
6:00 pm Day ends

Sunday April 2nd:
9:00 am Fourth Lecture: Monetization
9:30 am Workshop Session with mentors
10:30 am Fifth Lecture: Marketing
11:00 am Workshop Session with mentors
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Pitch Training and Workshop Session with mentors
3:30 pm Dinner
4:00 pm Final Pitches and Prizes ($$$)

Other important dates:
March 1st: Formal 48-Hour Launch interest meeting
March 15th: Applications close
March 19th: Application success notified
March 22nd: Mandatory pre-48HL meeting for participants, at 7pm
The application can be accessed here!
PLEASE NOTE: If selected to participate, you are committed to fully attend and participate the program.