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Drinking Water Justice: What can we learn from Flint, Michigan and the Standing Rock Protests?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017,
  • Location: Vanderbilt Law School • 131 21st Ave South • Nashville, TN 37203
  • Room: Hyatt Room

Water JusticeIn his recent book, Drinking Water: A History, Professor Jim Salzman explains how drinking water highlights the most pressing issues of our time - from globalization and social justice to terrorism and climate change. You might not give a second though to where your drinking water comes from. But how it gets from the ground to your glass is far more complex than you might think. Is it safe to drink tap water? Should you feel guilty buying bottled water? Where is your water going to come from in the future?

Jim Salzman is the Donald Bren Distinguished Professor of Environmental Law at UCLA School of Law with a joint appointment at the Bren School of the Environment at UC Santa Barbara. He has written more than eight books and eighty articles and book chapters on topics spanning drinking water, trade and environment conflicts, policy instrument design, and the legal and institutional issues in creating markets foe ecosystem services. Professor Salzman is a graduate of Yale College and Harvard University.  

This event is sponsored by the Energy, Environment and Land Use Program. Lunch will be provided.