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PISO Coronation

Sunday, March 26, 2017,

  • Location: Alumni 202

At Coronation, the new prince and princess are crowned as the royal members of PISO. At this event, educational information will be orally conveyed before the crowning of the new prince and princess. Guests who arrive later can read this on printed sheets of paper. After this phase, attendees will feast on catered and home-cooked Filipino food in a ballroom-like setting. Meat, vegetarian, noodle, and rice options will be offered. Cards about the history of the food and the regions from which they were discovered will be placed on tables. After dining, guests may dance to waltz and modern music. 

Semiformal / Black Tie Optional attire is expected. Attendance is free. Coronation is open to any undergraduate students who are looking for a fun multicultural experience.