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VMS Runs the Ragnar!

Friday, March 24, 2017,

  • Location: Chattanooga, TN to Nashville, TN

Have you ever wanted to run really, really far? A marathon? An ultra? Even better...a Ragnar!


Join VMS as we run from Chattanooga to Nashville in the Tennessee Ragnar Relay!


In just 2 days, we'll run across (part of) the beautiful state of Tennessee, with 12 runners, 2 vans, a lot of food, and hopefully some Febreeze. We'll take turns running while our compañeros rest, so that each runner only ends up taking 3 running shifts. One lucky runner only has to run 10.9 miles...and one luckier runners gets to run 23.1! Check it out here!


As far as the time commitment is concerned, we'll likely need to drive to Chattanooga on Thursday night, since the race starts early Friday morning. We should get back to Nashville at some point in the day Saturday.


We hope you'll join us! If you have any questions, please email Katy Anthony (kathleen.p.anthony@vanderbilt.edu). If you want to join, please sign up on this excel spreadsheet -- but sign up only if you're fairly committed to coming!