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CCN-Modeling Meeting

Friday, January 20, 2017,
  • Location: Wilson Hall
  • Room: 519

Michele Cox

Department of Psychology (Maier Lab)

Vanderbilt University


Wilson Hall Room 519

“A Practical Primer on Git & GitHub”

Much psychological research depends on custom-written code. As experiments and analyses evolve, so does the code behind them. Tracking the changes that come with each new idea can be a challenge, often resulting in bugs, inconsistent documenting, and the universal “what was I thinking when I wrote this” experience.


One tool that can be leveraged to tame these challenges is a version control system. Version control systems track changes in computer files and help to coordinate work on those files among multiple people. Git is one such version control system. One of Git’s best features is its online cousin, GitHub. GitHub can serve as a remote backup as well as venue for sharing and collaborating on software projects.


This talk will provide a practical introduction to both Git and GitHub. After covering basic structure and commands, I will use my own research workflow to illustrate different practical uses of Git and GitHub for psychology research.


For those looking to get started with Git and GitHub, I recommend: