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Faculty IMPACT Leadership Workshop

Friday, March 29, 2019,

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  • Location: Kissam Classroom - Upstairs (C216)

“Navigating Relationships, Conflict, and Power in Academia”

Achieving organizational objectives as an academic requires a balance of managing relationships and conflict while understanding power and influence.  At various levels within the academy as well as within the university, there are status hierarchies, involving the exerting of influence in interpersonal encounters, exchanges, and meetings. At the same time, fundamental to any and every exchange are the relationships that must be cultivated, connections that must be made, and oftentimes, conflicts that must be mitigated or managed. This session will explore relationship and conflict situations, and how to approach and handled these intentionally and constructively. We will also discuss how power and status impacts individuals’ ability to get things done in organizations. This topic will be explored through interactive exercises and engaging techniques.